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I am Yvonne, 43 years young, formerly a shift worker, I had to work weekends, holidays and also nights. My life consisted only of sleeping and working. I didn't have the energy and time for family, friends and free time. I was aware that it could not go on like this. So I made a decision that changed my life! I got all the information I needed and took off! I built up my second income! As a result, within a very short time I was able to inspire many people, who also wanted or needed to change professionally, to work this concept.

The resulting results bring me today what I was missing at that time: Joy of life, fun and financial independence.

That's how it's done

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The recipe for a new online business generation:

Not mainstream, but a passionate team partner. Career changers, even without previous knowledge, are welcome! 

'Chance to Success' is a prime example of a successful Smartworking concept. We  give answers to the questions that move every interested party at the beginning and  also reveal how everyone can be successful with this concept. 

'Chance to Success' is a pioneer of a new generation.  What are the characteristics of the concept? 
A concept like ours serves the trend that there are no longer any clearly defined  motives for choosing a career. Professional knowledge and personal interests are  increasingly intermingling. This new generation is based on a type of company that  has been successfully on the market worldwide for 70 years. Whether full-time or  part-time: Many people are well connected privately, but hardly know how to use this  for business. You are a brand-conscious clientele who want to join a community. The  'Chance for Success' team has managed to combine a personal lifestyle with a  passive source of income.

How does this professional perspective differ the most? 
'Chance to Success' is aimed at people with legal capacity, regardless of whether  they are students, housewives, employees, academics or managers. We can proudly  say that our free education and training concept picks up EVERYONE and can make  them successful. Our goal is to provide a complete all-inclusive package so that you  can start making money as quickly as possible. Thanks to numerous solutions, the  path to success is now also offered completely online. The time you spend: minimal,  as the online assistant does the work for you, around the clock, even when you are  asleep.

What is the secret of success?
This concept is independent of location and time. You have the opportunity to  contribute to the team depending on your skills and strengths and thus to go your  personal path to success. The 25 years of experience of our business partners and  the years of experience of our partner company provide the necessary foundation. After browsing through all the free, non-binding information, you can see why our  concept cannot be explained in 2 to 3 sentences! The basis is essential content,  which is simply an important one for every person every day Role-play. We offer a way out of the daily turning Hamster wheel in a self-determined life.

How are the team partners selected? 
At a time when many industries are complaining about a shortage of skilled workers,  we are allowed to claim that it doesn't matter to us what kind of education someone has been up to  now enjoyed. We operate internationally and look forward to meeting people Origin, who can use their language skills here as a bonus. We focus on people who like people and who are open to new people Paths and new solutions are. For us, attributes such as joie de vivre count Willingness to learn and fun at work.

How are new team partners promoted? 
In order to acquire the necessary specialist knowledge, you will go through a dual  training course Training concept. Here, theory and practice are combined from the start. Experts act as godparents for new team partners, so that the knowledge they have  learned can be implemented immediately.

How can you get information? 
We have programmed an online assistant that will take you to any Time fully informed, 24/7. This offers, free of charge and without obligation, a complete insight into the future activity. This online assistant uses descriptions and videos to explain how the work in the Represents individual so that you can then make a sensible decision.

How can it be that business can start immediately?
We offer supervised independence. All work tools and tools are already available. You will be integrated into our successful team. The wheel already exists, you don't need to reinvent it! We share our recipe for success, so that this is only activated for you and personalized for you.


Lino & Micheline

We are Micheline & Lino Gioia, both 53 years old. Micheline decided to do an  apprenticeship as a tax assistant after secondary school, but I didn't really have  many options because I only went to secondary school and barely managed to do it. I did an apprenticeship in the craft, as a ventilation sheet metal worker. After a total  of 5 years in the tax office, Micheline switched to radio because she realized that the  area was too "dry". However, I was very sluggish and stayed true to the craft for a total of 8 years, until  the day came when I felt that I needed a fundamental change. An endless search for  my professional happiness began: telephone services, waiters, discos, bars, office  jobs and even 2 self-employment that have brought me to a very large mountain of  debt! Micheline heard about our partner company on the radio for the very first time. I  found out about the business opportunity from a former school friend and although I  was very skeptical, my situation at the time was so unbearably hopeless that I  started immediately! After a short learning phase, it was clear to both of us that this was exactly what we  had been looking for all our lives and so we set to work. In the first 4 years we not  only managed to completely reduce the mountain of debt, but also to build a lucrative  existence for ourselves and our family (3 children!). Today we live where others go on vacation!

Susanne & Bernhard

We are Susanne and Bernhard, 53 and 55 years old. Susanne worked as an office clerk before an illness forced her to give up her professional life at the age of 32. As a customer service technician, I am away from home around 12 hours a day. Our perspective was not very positive and family-promoting, to work so much until retirement and then to "enjoy" the end of life with considerable financial losses. We could not possibly accept that! We looked around for a way to escape this fate Business opportunity, we recognized the opportunity to build up a second pillar on the side, without risk and without having to give up the main job. By the way, main jobs are no longer what they used to be, because it has become a rarity 30 or more Years of working in the same company Our goal is that we can work together, from home, with free time management without stress, pressure and investments, so that our dreams can be realized NOW and not only in retirement age.

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